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Alfred Laiminger Maps


Thanks to the work of Alfred Laiminger, we have a detailed map of Sopris and the surrounding towns. With the help of John Coszalter, and with photos by Pat Donachy and Anthony Faoro, these illustrations provide an accurate layout of the buildings in Las Animas County. If you are able to identify a business or house please let us know.



Left - Regional Map

Right - Sopris Map



Left - Sopris Plaza Map

Right - Sopris Plaza Map Index


Upper Saint ThomasUpper Saint Thomas

Left - Upper Saint Thomas Map

Right - Upper Saint Thomas Map Index


Saint ThomasSaint Thomas

Left - Saint Thomas Map

Right - Saint Thomas Map Index



Left - Jerryville Map

Right - Jerryville Map Index



Left - Piedmont Map

Right - Piedmont Map Index



Left - Sopris Canyon Map

Right - Sopris Canyon Map Index


Other Maps of Sopris


Sopris MapSopris Map

Left -

Right - Sopris Blueprint Map, 1898.


Trinidad Lake

Left - Trinidad Lake Map, satelite view.

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